Weather 2/21-23

Maybe we’ll avoid the S–w word this time?

Events today (Saturday 2/21) are all running as scheduled.

We’re supposed to have 5 (!) events tomorrow in the Cafe, Hall, and Mezz.  If the weather stays kind and just sends us rain, we’ll hopefully run all of them.  If the s–w word comes back into the picture… we’ll do our best, but stop back here tomorrow for updates!

Heartening thought: One of our Cafe regulars pointed out that Daylight Savings Time is now only 2 weeks away, so that must mean the end of winter is in sight, right?!?  Keeping fingers crossed!

Stay warm, and hope to see you soon!



More snow… 2/14-16

Update Monday 2/16, 4pm:  Tonight’s MakeOut crafters’ meet-up is cancelled (resched. to Mar 2), but the symphony rehearsal is still on.  No news yet from the dance teachers in the basement studio; if you’re wondering about a class tonight, check directly with your teacher to be sure it’s still on.


Update Monday 2/16, 8:40am: Knucklebones and the Ballet with Molly vacation dance program are both ON this morning.  Stay tuned for more updates on tonight’s events.  The Cafe is open, the lot is plowed, and we’re working on the sidewalks.


Wishing we had something witty to say about yet more snow, but alas no…

We’re lucking out with this weekend’s storm in that we didn’t have any events scheduled in the first place for Saturday night and Sunday.  So we’ll be closing the Cafe Saturday at 6pm, battening down the hatches, and staying warm inside our respective homes until Monday morning.  The Cafe will NOT be open Sunday 2/15.

We expect to open normal hours (8 am – 6 pm) on Monday 2/16, despite the snowbanks and the holiday.  Check back Monday for info on whether the Monday night events are running.

Thanks and stay warm / stay safe!


Cancellation 2/12

A tough call, but the Thursday night Cafe event (FOLK New England presenting Marina Evans) is going to cancel – too many people who have to travel too far on roads that will likely be icy later tonight.


Cancellations 2/9-2/10

And now back to snow cancellations…  last updated Tuesday 2/10 at 3 pm; hoping that’s the last update for this storm!

Monday 2/9:
- Knucklebones
- Symphony rehearsal (resched. to 2/12)

Tuesday 2/10 CANCELLED:
- SCES Brown Bag food program
- Green Line Extension (GLX) Working group meeting (resched. to a date to be determined)
- Youth Arts Arise
- Groovy Baby Music

Tuesday 2/10 ON:
- Broad Appeal
- Prenatal Yoga

The Cafe will be open till 9:30 today (Tuesday).  The lot is plowed, but caution is still advised… there’s a thin layer of packed snow underfoot.

Stay safe and warm!


Today’s events are on!

Sunday Feb 8:  We’re expecting the snow to wreak more havoc with events Monday/Tuesday, but today’s events are on!

SLF’s Local is for Lovers market is in the Hall 10-3, and the Journeys in Sound concert featuring Anthony Coleman, Anastaysia Dumma, and John Lockwood is in the Cafe 4-6.

The Cafe is open today, now till 6 PM.

Snow cancellation list 2/2-2/3

Last updated Feb 2, 4:30pm

Cancellations for Monday Feb. 2:
- Knucklebones
- All Zumba classes
- Rough Cut film screening (resched. to Feb. 22)
- Symphony rehearsal (resched. to Feb. 5)

The Cafe is open Feb 2 until 6 pm, but our parking lot is still in very rough shape.

Cancellations for Tuesday Feb. 2:
- Youth Arts Arise

The Cafe will be open normal hours on Tuesday (8 am – 6 pm).

Another week, another snowstorm

8-12 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow means that we’re already checking in with tomorrow’s events, looking for potential alternate dates in case of cancellation, etc.

People ask what our policy is for holding or cancelling events.  The answer is that it depends on the event; that call gets made on a case-by-case basis, in close coordination with the event organizer.  Events with a hyper-local audience and organizer might run no matter what the weather.  Events with out-of-town performers might cancel with very little snow here (but bad roads or tons of snow where the performers are coming from).  Many of our weekday youth and kids’ events follow the School Department’s decision and cancel if schools are closed.  So there’s no one policy; it really does depend on each event.

As of now (5:30 pm Sunday) everything tomorrow is still on except for the Knucklebones playspace in the morning.  But keep checking back; we’ll make more decisions with events over the course of the day.

Getting back to normal…

Update: 1/28/2015, 8:45 AM

The building is open, the parking lot has been plowed, the sidewalks and walkways are being cleared as I write this, and the Cafe is open with coffee brewing and croissants baking – yum!

Some activities today may still be cancelled or rescheduled – see list below or check with your event organizer / class teacher before making the trek in.  But we’re going to try to get in as much “normal” as we can before the next round of snow arrives.

Hope to see you soon!


Weather and events update for 1/26-1/28

Update 1/27/2015, 7:15 PM: The Cafe should be open again by mid-morning on Wednesday.  (Maybe earlier, depending on how long it takes us to dig out.)  Several Wednesday events have cancelled, but the Scout’s Office Warming is still on!


Here’s a list of Armory events that have cancelled or rescheduled due to the impending blizzard.  We’ll keep updating this list as we get more info/updates from event organizers!

Monday 1/26:
- Rough Cut film screening (resched. to Feb. 2)
- All evening zumba classes
- All belly dance classes
- CSO rehearsal
- Harp lessons

Tuesday 1/27:
- All Groovy Baby Music sessions
- All zumba classes
- Skillshare (will reschedule; new date TBD)
- MBTA Green Line Extension Working Group (resched. to Feb. 10)
- Youth Arts Arise
- Prenatal Yoga
- The Cafe will be closed all day.

Wednesday 1/28:
- Youth Arts Arise
- Cancer Research Simplified symposium (resched. to Feb. 4)

Don’t see your event listed?  Contact the organizer directly to find out if it’s still happening.  Are you the organizer and trying to figure out if you can get in the building?  Email or call Lea’s cell phone.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

New Year’s Resolution 2015, and MLK Day

New Year’s Resolution 2015: Write something, ANYTHING, on this fancy blog that’s built into our site, so easy to use, and yet somehow intimidating because blogging isn’t one of those things we’ve done a lot of. We post to Facebook and Twitter all the time to highlight upcoming events, but we want the blog to be more than just another version of our events calendar.

So we’ll try to write meaningful pieces, to review cool events or give you some insight into key happenings or the behind-the-scenes ticking of an arts center. Maybe we’ll succeed and maybe we won’t. But at least you won’t still be looking at the “Welcome to our new website” message, months after the website has launched. Fingers crossed…

For this first post… Just sharing that resolution (to make it a little more real) and letting you know that yes, the Cafe is open regular hours on Monday for MLK Day. Stop in, escape the cold, and grab a bite or a drink.

Happy New Year, from Arts at the Armory.