New Exhibition by Zachary Torres on View at ROOTED Armory Cafe Until 4.3.22

You are invited to ROOTED Armory Cafe and Farmstand to check out the new exhibition by Zachary Torres that is up through April 3rd, and to join us for an Opening Reception with Zachary Torres and Exhibition Coordinator Hank Fay on Saturday, March 5th at 2pm.

This series of landscapes and cityscapes captures the ephemeral quality of the city. They are explorations into the moments that make Boston Boston, Cambridge Cambridge, or Somerville Somerville. The deep contrast lends a dreamlike quality to the images, while the rooftop views study the gradient of urban layering, from the domestic to downtown skyscrapers. This collection of photographs challenges the definition of cityscape by focusing on specific moments that become more like portraits than landscapes — a car under a streetlight; blurred reflections in the Charles; the glow of an interior apartment.

These photographs are deeply rooted in their local context and, in the tradition of the flȃneur, offer fragmentary views into the private world of the individual navigating the city. In a sense, they flip the view of the self-portrait and capture the solitude of urban wandering.

Zachary Torres is a local artist and architectural designer. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, French, and Visual Arts from Boston University before completing his Masters of Architecture at the Boston Architectural College. He currently works as a designer at an Allston-based architecture firm and teaches courses in architectural theory and history. His photography work is concerned with the queer self and urban solitudes.