The Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) has been serving residents in our community for 46 years!  SCC is a membership organization, serving over 1,500 people each year. SCC provides leadership in sustaining Somerville as a vibrant, diverse, and tolerant community. They offer services and lead community organizing the supports low- and moderate-income Somerville residents in their efforts to achieve economic sustainability and increase civic engagement.


SCC is a GivingTuesday Somerville: GiveLocal 2015 partner organization! $500 supports a low-income individual in a 6-week intensive financial education class, including individual counseling.  

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Arts at the Armory is a community arts and cultural center, right in the middle of Highland Ave’s ‘Hot Block’! We host a broad range of arts and cultural programming, such as art, theatre, music, poetry, community events, non profit galas, visual arts exhibits, children’s programming, and much more. We also offer arts educational arts programs for all ages, with a particular focus on programs for local Somerville youth.

Support this week’s #GivingTuesdaySomerville feature organization Arts at The Armory today! Just $100 covers the cost of a free public art event in the Cafe!

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