Exhibition By Kitauna Parker At ROOTED March-April 2021

Kitauna Parker is an emerging artist who recently graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Kitauna is a fine art oil painter who has been shown in local galleries and in public spaces with Artists for Humanity. She is also a Martial Arts instructor at Northeastern University as well as a United Cerebral Palsy Personal Care Assistant, and an Artist’s for Humanity alumna. 

About her own art she has this to say: “Growing up in the urban streets of Boston has sculpted my resilience, empowering my voice to be as big as my art. As an artist, I celebrate the human connection with marks, color, shapes, and sometimes even language. From making an art club in grade-school to selling my first painting at 15, art has always been my still small voice, not only for me but for my community. My art is my freedom, its my way to fight back. With my art, I want to bring people together, connecting individuals from all different cultural backgrounds to share in the beauty of the same thing: the human mark.”

Visit Kitauna’s work at ROOTED Armory Cafe & Farmstand through March and April, 2021.