Exhibition by Eliezer Valez at ROOTED Through July 25, 2021

Eliezer Valez (aka @jrgongo87) is an artist living and working in the Boston area. Previously employed as a chef, he creates playful paintings that spoof celebrity chefs and junk food. Today Eliezer is a full-time stay-at-home Dad creating art about family and fatherhood.

About himself and his art, he says “I’m interested in fabricating a kind of beauty that is simultaneously romantic, dumb, alluring, and powerful. I am a student of the game. While staying a traditional artist with my acrylic paints and canvas. I keep a strong grasp of my attributes while adding new techniques. My subject matter is portraits; whether surreal, candid style, or full body. My process is meticulous, I could spend hours, days, weeks just doing research on the subject matter. I build emotions and feelings within myself before I even place a brush to canvas. I capture feelings and emotions through acrylic paints and canvas; with the goal of having my paintings spew those varying emotions.”