Blue Ribbon Recipient of the Month: Phil Cunningham

We’re excited to share that Phil Cunningham is our Blue Ribbon Recipient of the Month. The Blue Ribbon recognizes a staff member, volunteer or intern who has demonstrated great dedication and outstanding performance at Arts at the Armory. 

Launching ROOTED has been a team effort but frankly there would be no ROOTED without Phil. Since the start of his volunteer service with Arts at the Armory, Phil has been with us at every turn of improving our financial processes, navigating the financial waters of COVID, and more. His work on the backend of our point of sale system for ROOTED has been indispensable. Thank you and congratulations Phil! 

Though Phil was born in NYC, Massachusetts has been home for most of his life. He moved to Cambridge about 5 years ago after working for Refugee NGO in the Middle East and East Africa. For the last 5 years he worked at Harvard in finance and is now doing some volunteer work as he looks for a new position.

What do you do at Arts at the Armory? I’m a Finance Volunteer.

Why do you volunteer at Arts at the Armory? Volunteering has always been a part of my life and Arts at the Armory was a great opportunity to use some of my skills to help out a local organization.

What do you like most about Arts at the Armory? I love organizations that create and foster opportunities for a community to come together.

What would you like our community to know about you? I’m currently looking for Financial Planning and Analysis position if you have any leads!