Mega64 Live!

Date(s) - Sun. Nov. 21, 2021
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


It all started with one machine. The Mega64 – a console that makes video games appear real. That’s the premise behind the San Diego public access show where our story began in 2003.

Creating sketches that took game concepts awkwardly into reality, the show was unlike any other – But it was once those sketches hit the internet that things really blew up. Mega64 hit YouTube and every other place online that could play a video.

Years and hundreds of millions of views across all platforms later, Mega64 has created countless short films, TV commercials, full length projects and unforgettable collaborations with the biggest names in the gaming industry. They were even named one of Variety’s “Top 10 Comics To Watch” in 2015. Mix all of that with a successful clothing brand and an absolutely diehard fanbase, and you’ve got a legacy that transcends all medium. But don’t believe us- take a look for yourself at a few of the achievements we’ve made and the people who’ve worked with us. And don’t forget – it started with one machine.

50 VIP TIER 1 @ $76 // 50 VIP TIER 2 @ $51 // 225 GA @ $26
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VIP 1 check in/doors: 6PM
VIP 2/EE check in/doors: 6:30PM
Show doors: 7PM
Show start: 8PM
Show end: 9:30PM

One General Admission ticket
VIP early entry into the venue
Exclusive pre-show
Q+A session
Limited edition signed poster
Exclusive VIP laminate
Exclusive merchandise bundle
Very limited availability

One General Admission ticket
VIP early entry into the venue
Limited edition signed poster
Official early entry
VIP laminate
Very limited availability

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