Lighting Design 101: A Skill Sharpening Workshop by T@F

Date(s) - Sat. Jun. 08, 2019
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Theatre@First presents: An Introduction to Lighting Design

What’s the difference between an ellipsoidal and a fresnel? How many instruments do I need to light a show? Why is contrast important? And what the heck is a “lumen”, anyway?

As part of our Skill Sharpening Workshop training program, this workshop will delve into the art and science of lighting design. This class is designed for a wide range of people — no lighting experience is necessary, but the material should also appeal to those who have worked on shows in the past and want to explore (or just be reminded of) the academic underpinnings of the craft.


**Advance registration (below) is suggested; if space becomes limited, priority will be given to registered attendees.**

Suggested donation — $10
Proceeds help cover the costs of the workshop, including printing and space rental.

The workshop will be held at The Center for Arts at the Armory, room B-4; 191 Highland Ave, Somerville. The building and the workshop space are wheelchair-accessible. Some parking is available on-site.

About the Lecturer: Ben Cordes is the Technical Coordinator for T@F. He started lighting shows in 7th grade, when the Drama Club faculty adviser informed him that only one other person in the whole school knew how to run the light board and it was his obligation to learn so he could teach the next generation of students. Thirty years later, he’s still trying to pass on what he knows.

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