Fun Spanish English Meetup

Date(s) - Sat. Oct. 02, 2021
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


HOLA, We are Fun Spanish ( English) on meetup open to all with a variety of social activities. We have different opportunities to learn Spanish without the pressure of a classroom environment. All levels are welcome! Open to all ages.

YOU can make a small $10 gift to $25 (sliding scale) at the door immediately at the beginning, during or after the event. Your donations really help us to cover our cost. (The activities have printed materials, coordination of the different levels and a professor – facilitator- who helps you with feedback and tips to improve your language learning.

If you are a ESL student who has Spanish background and you want to improve your English, you can take advantage of an exchange practice and share with the English speakers your expertise about Spanish. This is a Win Win opportunity. Please, send a message to the coordinator through Fun Spanish English Meetup (Boston, MA)


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