Front Porch ft. Cole Blouin!

Date(s) - Sat. Jun. 15, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


From Ann Arbor, MI, Front Porch is a mixed quartet that invites audiences to engage personally with the voices of their close friends, reimagining the classical concert experience with warmth and love at its foundation. Their uncommon instrumentation — violin, bassoon, piano, and percussion — makes them equally at home with composers, folk artists, opera singers, and everyone in between.

Opening for us will be singer-songwriter Cole Blouin!

feat. the music of Maddy Wildman, Nathan Thatcher, Grey Grant, Evan Premo, and Colin McCall.

Front Porch is
Benjamin Jackson, violin
Maddy Wildman, bassoon
Karalyn Schubring, piano
Jacob Rogers, percussion

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