Dana Westover

Dana Westover

Date(s) - Fri. Oct. 06, 2023
7:00 pm


Dana Westover is a composer/performer who currently makes his home in the Boston area.

From a childhood in southeastern Kentucky to a long stint as a performer in his previous home Montreal, Dana has attempted to listen to and absorb music from every discipline. He is very interested in particle physics and how the world works (and doesn’t work), even though he finds some of the equations a bit baffling. Also, he can juggle three balls (but not four, something he feels is better left to professionals). He produces a weekly radio show playing music from all over the world, which periodically gets him into trouble with pronunciations, but the music is the best stuff he can find. He has written scores for theater and film, and other odds and ends, and loves to weld steel sculptures when he has the time. Dana also booked and mixed most of the shows at Johnny D’s in Somerville MA for the best part of 30 years.

For a little historical perspective, here’s an interview about his first album, which was recorded when he was but a callow youth, which seems to have attracted a bit of attention of late.


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