Cafe4The Café is regularly open to the public and also doubles as a venue for a wide variety of artistic performances — literary readings, open mic events, concerts, art show receptions, etc. It has a capacity of 52, with chairs and tables for 35, and can be rented for private functions. The café also provides catering for events upon request. Description for Cafe booking policies:

We usually use one of two pricing models in the Cafe:

1) Ticketed shows: first $100 to the Armory, everything else to the performers.  We keep the bar, you keep all merch sales.
2) Donations: No fixed price to enter.  You keep all donations and merch, we keep the bar.
We’ve generally found the donations model to be best all the way around (for you, for us, and for the audience), but we’re open to any of the models or to other proposals.
The start times, set lengths, order of performers, etc would all be up to you.  Our only constraint is that we need entertainment to finish by 9:30 PM (Sun-Wed) 10:30 PM (Thur-Sat), and have the public out by 10 PM (Sun-Wed) 11PM (Thur-Sat).
We have a sound system in the Cafe (4 vocal mics, 1 DI box, mixer, speakers, monitors).  Our staff will help with the set-up, but we probably wouldn’t have anyone there to run sound during the event; that would be up to you.