Armory Exhibitions



Our Cafe space hosts regular visual art exhibitions; visit Rotating Exhibitions to see what’s currently on display. Interested in showing your work? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions, then contact [email protected].

How long does an exhibit last? Exhibits typically run for 1-2 months, but other periods may be available by special request.

How much does it cost? There’s no charge for the exhibit itself or to apply. If you sell any art, we take a commission (10%).

What kind of work can be displayed? The Cafe mainly shows two-dimensional pieces that can hang on the walls (paintings, photography, drawings, etc). We’re an all-ages venue, but otherwise have no restrictions on subject matter.

How many pieces of art can I hang? There are three 5×5 foot wall spaces to exhibit large art works. We also have 3×4 and 4×4 foot wall spaces for medium or smaller sized pieces.

How do I hang my work? The Cafe has picture railing around the room. Metal hooks hang on the railing, with fishing line (or ribbons, string, twine) hanging down to support the artwork. Alternately, you can use the plastic hooks that are designed to be removable on any non-brick walls, or blue painter’s tape is acceptable for lightweight pieces. Please note it is not possible to nail into the walls or use fasteners that would peel off the paint or otherwise damage the walls.

How far in advance do you schedule? This varies but typically we’re scheduling exhibits a minimum of 2-3 months out, and sometimes as much as 6-8 months out.

How do I apply? For inquiries related to solo shows, please email [email protected] and include information about yourself as an artist, your artwork, and information on how to see samples of your work (link to online portfolio, attached images, times you can visit with a physical portfolio, etc).

The mission of Arts at the Armory is to provide an inclusive and accessible venue for arts, cultural and community events, exhibitions, markets, classes and more.