The Wagging Craze and Skylighght

Date(s) - Fri. Aug. 30, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Wagging Craze is a meditation on masculinity, power, and the 1960s, composed and performed by Joseph White. Through musically underscored storytelling, pop songs, and monologue, the work traces the history of a mysterious male bonding ritual called “wagging” through its effect on Midwestern fraternities and the administrations of Presidents Johnson and Nixon. During the piece, the performer sits at a small, cueing electronic samples, and forging a direct connection to the audience through a melding of historical fiction, historical truth, and a diverse array of sonic textures.

Skylighght is a duet collaboratively composed and performed by vocalist Gelsey Bell and saxophonist Erin Rogers. The piece uses sound to gradually alter our experience of a space in ways akin to how artists James Turell or Robert Irwin use light. The two performers move through the space wordlessly directing the sound in pathways that dance around the room. The piece also involves a section called Building Canyons, where Bell sings into the bell of Roger’s tenor saxophone, exploring its inner chamber and sounding a rainbow of diverse multiphonics.

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