Skip the Small Talk

Date(s) - Fri. Sep. 03, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Skip the Small Talks are usually **NOT** for dating, but so many of y’all asked us for a dating event that we decided to make an exception! For those who are used to our non-dating events, the structure will be a little different so as to maximize for how many people you can meet.

We’ll be offering “big talk” conversational prompts to get you started, and we’ll have plenty of structure to make sure that you actually talk to people and that it’s as comfortable as possible. Not feeling like answering a particular question? No worries, we’ll have plenty to choose from, and you’ll always have the option to opt out of our questions and create your own. We’ll give you ground rules to make sure you feel comfortable and safe sharing as much of yourself as possible while still feeling in complete control of how much you divulge.

This event is inclusive of trans women and non-binary folks who feel a connection to the identity of “woman” and would like to date women.

This event is geared toward folks in their 20’s and 30’s.

Skip the Small Talk is dedicated to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone. Check out our safety policy here.

Check-in for this event will begin around 6:45 pm. Please arrive at or before 7 pm so you don’t miss the intro.

Tickets/info here. (No tickets at door)
For inquiries, please email

Please note: Masks are required inside the Armory building.

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