Namaslay New Puppet Musical

Namaslay: a New Puppet Musical

Date(s) - Fri. Aug. 11, 2023
7:30 pm


One night only!

All the way from New Orleans, Playdoh Puppet Productions presents a very Boston musical…with Puppets!

A peaceful village is crushed under boulders to make way for a giant rock-gym-turned-eco-resort. Two startup bros, Frankfooter Frank and Ked the Dog, enjoy the new age experience until their company goes under. They’re forced to stay on as indentured work-traders to pay off the hotel fees.

Will they be converted to this shady wellness culture or join a resistance to Toxic Positivity?

“Playdoh Presents…Namaslay” is a comedy puppet musical. It premiered in the 2023 New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival at Happyland Theater. This touring version is a solo-show adaptation of the original ensemble production. The show features a soundtrack of original musical numbers that are fun and thought-provoking for people of all ages. It deals with themes of gentrification, greenwashing, labor exploitation, toxic positivity, and wellness culture in the age of social media. There is occasional explicit language.

Tickets are on sale now!

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Namaslay Boston-themed Puppet Musical

Creative Team:

Jeremy Pryzby – writer, puppeteer

Leo Tschopp – writer, songwriter, puppeteer

Justine Evans – costumer, puppeteer

Rose Carver – clown, puppeteer

Playdoh Kolo – writer, director, puppet engineer, puppeteer

Music arranged and composed by Nick Yetter

Music by – Leo Tschopp, Nick Yetter, Zach Serlet, and Maya Goldblum

Music recorded by – Pixelchatter Productions

Music mixed by – Casia Levine, Joel Miller, Pixelchatter productions

CW: Some explicitly sexual references to the famous athlete Tom Brady. Some language.

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