Joy of Consent: Sex Positive Salon

Date(s) - Sun. Feb. 02, 2020
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Valentine’s Day isnt just a romantic 1:1 vanilla Hallmark holiday for a select few. Come as you are!!

Are you…
New to exploring what sex positive means?

Curious to learn what lies beyond the mainstream idea of sexuality and pleasure? Searching for a place to finally get the pleasure inclusive sex education you never had? Wanting to ask anonymous questions to the group via the “question box?”

Seeking to make new connections or challenge yourself to go beyond your usual comfort zone in a supportive setting?

A member of some groups but wanting to cross-pollinate with other facets of the sex positive community?

Wanting to practice really asking for what you want and how to know someone is really giving consent with an “enthusiastic yes?”

Come meet others, build community, and share short stories about your journey, how you have learned to better love yourself or how you have learned to embrace new forms of pleasure and intimacy.

Connect with people across the sex positive community however you identify: monogamous, asexual, polyamory/CNM, aromantic, BDSM/kink, queer. Come out of the cold and join us for an amazing sex positive salon!!

♥️🌹💜🦹🏻‍♂️ Love is love.

Celebrate stories of consensual pleasure, self love and pride.

Chose to Share a hug or participate in a brief demonstration group, sit back, observe and support others’ courage to be “unapologetically me.”

Laugh together, have fun, be creative with sex positive Mad libs and sex positive valentine’s day card to our community!

We encourage people to Network in the sex positive community and share flyers and PR for other events.

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Love, Dr. Nomi
Licensed Psychologist and CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist)

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