Fun Spanish-English Mixer

Date(s) - Mon. Feb. 17, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


HOLA, We are Fun Spanish ( English) on meetup open to all with a variety of social activities. We have different opportunities to learn Spanish without the pressure of a classroom environment. We are going to meet in different places, talk, and participate in language exchange exercises to meet new friends. Spanish speakers are welcome to meet and help Spanish learners in a realistic approach.

English speakers are welcome to give others the opportunity to improve their English as well.

We are going to make this time fun, and we will coordinate other activities outside this space for weekdays and weekends. All levels are welcome. The only prerequisite is to come with an open mind, relax, and have a real goal to find new people, make friends, and ready to be exposed to conversational Spanish ( and share your English too)

Learn more on our meetup:

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