DNÄ. : Moving Mountains

Date(s) - Sat. Jan. 18, 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Join us for a free public show in the Cafe!
Doors at 7:00 PM, Show at 8:00 PM

Statement form the Artist:
There is an ongoing battle between that of the societal human and the instinctual human. Fighting against the true nature of emotions, there is a certain format pushed on us where we must behave and express ourselves in a certain manner that is pleasing to the outside viewer; normality and a Utopian facade being the tools to create a “perfect” picture. At the core of truly being human though, we are imperfect, where sometimes not sharing or showing these imperfections may be detrimental. We have to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. So with each note; whether it be facilitated through a harp glissando, the harmonic rising chords of a piano, the hellish din of a synth, or the communion of strings and vocals, I wish to move these mountains that have been placed in-front of us. To create a space where we can see that each of us encounter a whole pallet of emotions, not just the one hue that we show to the world. In this thinking, we can remember how similar our journeys can be and be able to share it in a special moment in time.

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