Daniel Senser Poetry Reading

Date(s) - Sun. Feb. 02, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Daniel Senser comes to the Armory to read poetry from his new collection, “Another Missed Connection”. Daniel’s work has appeared in various publications, including: Jewish Currents, The Penwood Review, Adelaide, and Blue Stem, among others. His work was selected as Finalists for the Adelaide Voices Literary Contest and the Adelaide Literary Awards Contest, and he was featured as a “Sunday Poet” on the Boston Small Literary Press website. Daniel’s work is influenced by Pablo Neruda, Francisco Garcia Lorca, and Charles Simic, among others. Daniel welcomes all to come and enjoy a night of mysticism, humor, and enchantment.

A sample of his poetry:


Silence withstands the heavy blows
Of my thoughts. I will not speak,
I mustn’t speak. My heavy breath
Is still just a breath—soft
And constant as a hidden love.

Silence is a language that I know well.
Its vocabulary consists of a single word
And an infinitude of expressions.
It exists in a constant state of eternity,
Like time.

One can feel from the eyes of the beloved
That silence lives there.
It knows neither patience nor impetuosity,
Neither stillness nor action.
It is divinity without a crown.

Silence came from nothing, and so
Only becomes what it is.
No truth, no falsehood.
It is “be” without the “-ing.”

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