Beekeeper Association Course

Date(s) - Wed. Mar. 04, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Come learn all the basics of being a successful beekeeper. Led by experienced beekeepers and hosted by Peter Montague and Bill Perkins of the Boston Area Beekeepers Association. Over the 5 classroom lectures we will take you through how the mechanics of the equipment works, the behavior of Honeybees, resource management, a month by month look and beekeeping through the year, pests and diseases and a panel of local beekeepers. In an additional 3 hands on sessions in our Mattapan Apiary we will cover assembling your equipment, installing a package and your first inspections.

The classroom schedule is as follows;

1 – Jan 29th 7:30-8

2 – Feb 5th 7:30-8

3 – Feb 12th 7:30-8

4 – Mar 4th 7:30-8

5 – Mar 11th 7:30-8

The field sessions are dependent on when packages arrive and are subject to change. The tentative dates are as follows;

1 – Mar 21st

2 – Mar 28th

3 – Apr 4th

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