Alien Adornment: 50 Years of Star Trek Jewelry

Date(s) - Sun. Sep. 22, 2019
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


In a first-time public engagement, iconic Star Trek jewelry prop maker Maggie Schpak will transport to Boston to present her insights and artistry derived from a life of creating adornment for humans and other species. After fifty years of creating prop jewelry magic, the Queen of Makers will debut stories, never-seen original sketches, prototypes, and insider studio photographs. From Spock’s Kolinahr necklace to Worf’s and Dax’s ornate wedding ensembles to the classic IDIC pin, this is a sneak peak into a world loved by millions of Star Trek fans and movie-goers world-wide.

A reception for terrans and aliens alike will follow at Artisan’s Asylum where guests can belly up to a re-creation of Quark’s bar for cosmic cocktails and talk to Schpak in person. A raffle will be held concurrently, featuring Star Trek memorabilia and pieces from Schpak’s workshop. For a few days following this evening, an online auction will sell further one-of-a-kind pieces available nowhere else. The Asylum will also host a fabrication workshop, at which attendees can make jewelry and body decor fit for any star voyage. This constellation of events is also a fundraiser for the Asylum, widely known as the “Maker Center of the Universe”, and a jewel in the crown of Somerville and Boston’s creative economy.

Behind this extravaganza is Karen Christians, jewelry evangelist, author, and teacher. Christians and Schpak exemplify the mission of the Asylum and of Makers everywhere, models of resourcefulness, collaboration, and creative hands-on making. Christians is writing a book featuring Schpak, “Jewelry of Star Trek”, a sequel to the acclaimed “Jewelry of Burning Man”. She saw the stars align for helping Artisan’s Asylum in a galactic-themed fundraiser, and brought together a starfleet of local cultural advocates to help her. This tiered-ticket series of events will engage not just makers, but collectors, jewelers, fans of accessory and ornament, and general sci-fi and fantasy nerds.

Star Trek continues to be a powerful cultural agent, expanding way beyond both commercial juggernaut and fan-based cultism. Dissonant times find utopias to emulate. Anchored around the premise of a ‘Prime Directive’, Star Trek projects the possibility of common sense and compassion in an integrated, collaborative multiverse. Via its ornament, images, and ideology, we are inspired to look for a way beyond. “We look to the stars to define who we are,” asserts a new Star Trek series due out in the fall. Schpak’s appearance could not be more timely.

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