The Center for Arts at the Armory is responsible for managing the Armory Performance Hall, Mezzanine, Café and Classroom B5 at the historic Armory.

Stephanie Scherpf, Co-Director / CEO

Jess White, Co-Director / COO

Elyse B. Brown, Contracts & Marketing Administrator

Booking Coordinator

Production Manager

Trisha Brown, Office Manager

Eliza Vaillant, Finance Assistant

Michelle Coimbra, Cafe Manager

Emily Reckard-Mota, Somerville Winter Farmers Market Manager

Please note that The City of Somerville owns the Armory and is responsible for complying with all of the City of Somerville’s safety and fire regulations to create a safe operating environment for all the Armory tenants. The City of Somerville is dedicated to being a good neighbor and measures are taken to ensure that noise, security and other community concerns such as trash and parking are successfully addressed. For any questions regarding how the facility is managed, contact Tom Galligani at

The mission of Arts at the Armory is to provide an inclusive and accessible venue for arts, cultural and community events, exhibitions, markets, classes and more.