We host a wide range of performing arts events: music, theater, dance, comedy, literary readings, etc… plus cultural festivals and more! With flexible-configuration venues ranging in size from the 52-capacity Cafe to the 60-80 person (seated) Mezzanine to the 250-395 person Performance Hall, we can accommodate performances in a wide variety of sizes as well as styles.  Starting Fall 2015, we will also be schedule for the B5 Classroom/Meeting room!

Check out our Events Calendar for information on upcoming performances.

Interested in performing at the Armory? Read on for answers to some of the frequently-asked questions, and then email to explore dates and options!

How do I get scheduled to perform at the Armory?

Email with information about yourself / your group, what type of performance it would be (music, dance, theater, etc), when you’d ideally like to perform, and a link for us to check out any past work you may have (your website, YouTube, etc).  We’ll check it out, look into dates, and talk through the options with you.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the venue and the event.  The Cafe uses two payment models: no charge to you if the show is free or donations for the public, or a minimum amount or percentage split to the Armory if it’s a ticketed show.  For Performance Hall and Mezzanine events, we do a low flat-rate rental for free events or a ticket revenue split (with a minimum to the Armory) for ticketed events.

The specific amounts and percentages for the models vary depending on the performance details (how many hours in the space, day of the week, daytime vs. evening, whether it’s a charity fundraiser, etc); contact us with more details about your event and we can give you more specific pricing.

Do you have a sound system?

Yes.  The Performance Hall has a professional-grade sound system, along with stage lights, projector and screen, mics (with stands and cables) and monitors, etc.  The Cafe has a smaller sound system with mixer, speakers, monitors, and a limited number of microphones/cables/etc. Mezzanine performances can use a smaller portable PA system.  (More details on any of the systems available on request.)

Do you have a set ticket price?

We do not have a set ticket price. It is up to you to provide the pricing guide. Please base ticket price on previous show pricing.

Do you serve drinks?

The Armory’s liquor license includes the sale of a wide variety of beer and wine. We also have many non-alcoholic drinks including, sodas, sparkling waters, juice, and specialty coffee drinks in the cafe.

Are we required to provide the line up?

In most instances it will be up to you to get together the line up for the event.

How late can we play/perform?

Our zoning and licensing from the City of Somerville means events must end by 9:30pm Sunday – Wednesday and by 10:30pm Thursday – Saturday, with the public out a half hour after.

How loud can we get?

Not very!  We’re in a residential neighborhood and have to follow strict sound guidelines.  Due to our location in a residential area we need to be careful about noise levels, both during the event and when people are exiting the building.

Is a sound tech provided?  Can we bring our own?

When we schedule the event with you, we’ll discuss whether an Armory event tech is needed, and will quote a rate that includes a tech if necessary. In general, Cafe and Mezzanine events typically don’t have sound techs (but our staff can help you with the initial connection into our sound system, or we may have a sound intern/volunteer available). Performance Hall events generally require a tech to be present if our sound equipment or stagelights are being used. In any case, you’re welcome to bring your own tech, you can do the mixing, lighting, etc

What do you do for promotion? 

The Armory provides online promotion through our website, social media outlets, and newsletter for all upcoming events. If you provide us with a flyer we would be happy to hang it up on our bulletin boards.