Herbalism & Holistic Living

Mindfulness and Holistic Living

This is a program that allows adults to lead a mindful lifestyle with a more holistic approach. Different classes include varying types of yoga, meditation, Reiki, etc. It also has a strong focus on herbalism, and allows adults to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits that plants and essential oils hold. Participants can pick and choose from a number of herbalism topics and learn different ways of making their own products,  including herbal remedies, essential oils, soaps, candles, and much more.

**The  recommended deadline to sign up for the classes is two weeks prior to each class.**


Upcoming Classes:

New Moon Gong Meditation with Mantra

Throughout India, it is thought that the new moon and full moon are especially auspicious times for reflection—a time of contemplation on both our inner nature, as well as our interaction with the natural world. To honor this tradition, on the Sunday closest to each new moon this fall, the Arts at the Armory in collaboration with Emily Murphy Kaur & Harmeet Singh will hold space for a monthly special event: New Moon Gong Meditation with Mantra.

Dates and Times:  This event will be held the Sundays on 1/14, 2/18, and 3/18 at 7PM.