Armory ART: Where Grownups Get Creative

What is Armory ART?

Armory ART is a program that allows adults to explore their creative side while working on their artistic skills in a wide range of mediums and disciplines; older kids who are interested can also attend the classes. Participants can pick and choose and sign up for whichever courses interest them.

**The  recommended deadline to sign up for the classes is two weeks prior to each class.**


Interdisciplinary Improvisation 

About the Class: This 3 hour session focuses on the creation of spontaneous music. We’ll draw inspiration from poetry, dance, visual art, film, games and other art forms to create new musical pieces through sound exploration. Students will also engage in meditative listening exercises, perform musical pieces that blur the lines between composition and improvisation, and create their own structured improvisations. This program is open to all types of artists, and no prior musical experience necessary. Participants are welcome to bring their own instruments, or use the instruments that will be provided to the class, such as penny whistles and recorders.

Dates and Times: This course runs on Sunday, April 22nd at 2PM.

  Private Classes: We also offer an option for private classes.  If you’re interested in a specific topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to