We offer a variety of classes and workshops for both kids and adults.  Some are developed in-house and some are developed by others.  For a list of our current offerings check out our Events/Education page.

Toddler Programs:

Theater Explorers is aallowing young children the ability to express creativity through a wide range of hands on art activities.  Check out our Toddler Programs page to learn more!

Youth Programs:

Multi-Media Mayhem is a new program for 6-to-10-year-olds . Check out our Multi-Media Mayhem page to learn more!

Youth Arts Arise is a free afterschool program for 11- to 16-year-olds.  Check out our Youth Arts Arise page to learn more!
Arts Discovery Week, Visual Arts Week, and Youth Arts Arise are our three summer programs. Check out our Summer Programs page to learn more!


Adult Programs:

Armory ART is a program that primarily targets adults and enables them to explore their creative side while working on their artistic skills in a wide range of mediums and disciplines; older kids who are interested can also attend the classes. Participants can pick and choose and sign up for whichever courses interest them. Check out our Armory ART page to learn more !


Herbalism and Holistic Living is a program that allows adults to lead a mindful lifestyle with a more holistic approach. Different classes include varying types of yoga, meditation, Reiki, etc. It also has a strong focus on herbalism, and allows adults to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits that plants and essential oils hold. Participants can pick and choose from a number of herbalism topics and learn different ways of making their own products,  including herbal remedies, essential oils, soaps, candles, and much more. Check out our Herbalism and Holistic Living page to learn more!


ReRooted  is a program which aims at creating awareness about how to become more ecologically engaged and see beyond what meets the eye, with respect to ecology related topics including how we see and interact with wilderness, and about our relationship with captivity. Check out our ReRooted page to learn more!

Somerville Skillshare is a free monthly learning event that features classes around any innovative topic and we encourage locals to teach it. It’s a way to learn new skills, jump-start new hobbies, and meet other people with similar interests, all in a fun and informal setting. Check out our Skillshare page to learn more!

Interested in bringing your own class or workshop to the Armory? Have an idea for a class you’d like to take? Contact education@artsatthearmory.org.