Canceled: Plantain and Calendula: Herbal Partners

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Date(s) - Tue. May. 29, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


This class has been canceled because it did not reach the minimum enrollment numbers.

About the Class: The class will cover in-depth discussions of two herbs: plantain and calendula. Calendula and plantain are both used in products you can find in the grocery stores and they both grow in the New England climate. Students will get to taste (in teacups!), smell and feel each herb, and we’ll discuss the history of the traditional usage of each herb, modern usages, health benefits, and other effects. The benefit of taking in each herb slowly is that your body can start to feel the effects and recognize the herbs as you learn more about them. We will also talk a little bit about where the herbs grow and how to grow or harvest them. We will also make an herbal product, a healing salve with herbal oils from the two herbs. Handouts will be provided and everyone will go home with a small sample of what we make.

About the Instructor: Katherine Gekas is a graduate of two local herb schools: Boston School of Herbal Studies and the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. She has been teaching herb classes for over three years now and finds that more interactive classes are more fun to teach. She also educates privately with individuals who are seeking a personal herbal approach to their health.

The price of this class is $30. Please click here to reserve your place.