Nuda Veritas: Reagan Esther Meyer

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Date(s) - Fri. Jan. 26, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


A Multimedia Narrative by Rebecca Kopycinski

Reagan Esther Myer is a multimedia performance using live music, video, and theater to tell a dystopian narrative. In a post-WW3 world, we meet Reagan, a government employee living in an abandoned shopping mall on a deserted island making DIY survivalist videos for a struggling world. Like most people who survived Impact, she has a government-issued ThotBot, a brain implant that algorithmically applies points to one’s thoughts, an effort most survivors undertake in order to accrue Value toward a favorable Redemption. Several events occur that cause her to question her thoughts, memories, and reality: she is tasked with creating an unusual tutorial video for the benefit of the government, the sister she thought long-dead calls and asks for help, and she finds a Blockbuster Video return box filled with contraband, that is, movies from a pre-Impact world.

This multimedia performance piece was created and is performed by me, Rebecca Kopycinski. On stage I interact with characters on video, watch government-sponsored media broadcasts, and perform electro-pop songs to tell a story about survival and perseverance, love (both familial and universal), and trust. I have been writing and performing music under the moniker Nuda Veritas since 2006. A classically trained vocalist, I use live looping to create lush layers of harmony punctuated by vintage drum beats and spoken word tape samples. This project sees the introduction of a laptop and Ableton, as well as a choir of singers in the form of augmented mannequins.

My stories — especially Reagan Esther Myer — are concerned with the perception of and the ephemeral nature of reality and how we manifest the world around us using both internal components — memory, experience, choice, beliefs, etc — juxtaposed with the external forces — social zeitgeist, politics, media, race, class — that also contribute to and shape our understanding of the world. Research is a cornerstone of my creative process and I often find myself deep in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, social psychology, the history of mannequins, DIY survivalism, etc, depending on the project. My focus can be summed up neatly through the final line in the 1979 Peter Sellers movie Being There: Life is a state of mind.

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