Journeys in Sound Presents: Rebetoparea – An Evening of Rebetiko (Greek Urban Blues)

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Date(s) - Fri. Mar. 09, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Rebetoparea is a group of musicians from the Boston area with a passion for rebetiko, the Greek music of the “underclass,” as many describe it. Using the traditional rebetiko instruments (bouzouki, baglama, guitar, violin and accordion).

Rebetiko has been around in some form since the turn of the century. It has always been the music of the poor and the dispossessed, combining different styles of the region and with lyrics describing the joy, the sorrow, the difficulties of everyday life.

Rebetiko has its origins in an oral tradition where improvisation played an important role in both the music and lyrics. Songs always started with an instrumental prelude, the taximi where a musician showed his ability. These Taximi would set the mood for the songs to come and they would last up to twenty minutes. After this the song would start, often with the singer improvising lyrics, sometimes to a familiar tune, mentioning people in the audience and referring on recent events of local interest.

Throughout the years Rebetiko endured defamation, persecution and censorship, but during the period from the 1920’s to mid 1950’s it was able to evolve from a marginal music to a popular Greek music embraced by generations, and to become the source of inspiration for contemporary composers and musicians.

Rebetoparea are:

John Mitaras, Bouzouki
Kosmas Vrouvlianis, Vocals, Bouzouki
John Bogis, Bass
Georgios Galanakis, Guitar
Peter Vorvis, Baghlama
Annemoon Van Erp, Violin, Vocals
Sandy Theodorou, Accordion, Vocals

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Suggested donation: $15

Student & those on a fixed income: $10
$2 surcharge without prior reservation if room is to capacity. 

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