Amy Fusselman: IDIOPHONE

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Date(s) - Sat. Oct. 20, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


NYC poet and essayist
reads from her new book
with very special guests 
Stine An — highest quality stand-up comedy   
The Mystery —  guitar, loop pedal, cheap theatrics, vox   
Cotton Candy — tuneful entertainment of the 1st order
Saturday, Oct.. 20th
Arts at the Armory Cafe
7:30 doors 8:00 start time
FREE — books will be for sale
 “I read this in a single sitting. No one acrobats between beauty, confession, rueful humor, and deep insight with such amazing trapeze-y ease as Amy Fusselman.” —John Hodgman , bestselling author of VACATIONLAND
 “Fusselman’s prose has the delicate, tensile musculature of a ballet dancer, and the best thing you can do for yourself is surrender to it, let Fusselman take you where she wants to go, and then allow yourself to spring off the platform she has provided.” —Nylon
“This small and beautiful book about feminism and motherhood and art is perfect for those of us who like thinking outside of the box when we’re looking for something lovely to read.” —VULTURE
“This book, about ballet and beauty, philosophy and family, reinforces Amy Fusselman’s status as one of our best interrogators of how we live now, and how we should live. As always, Fusselman asks tough questions and answers them with rare lyricism and candor.” —Dave Eggers
“One of Fusselman’s great talents has always been the construction of juxtapositions  and  equivalencies, and  in  this  book, she  doesn’t  disappoint: a mother is a small iridescent paper circle, an emt is a baby bunny, alcoholism and maternal ambivalence take their places next to stacks of pancakes and a fourteen-foot-tall sculpture from Vanuatu. In outrageously simple, inexplicably tender prose, Fusselman presses on her nouns until they break, and then, after denotation is no longer their most important job, they perform quite a bit of unexpected and marvelous work. This book is going to haunt me.”
—Sarah Manguso