A special evening with Jennifer Greer and Zion Rodman

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Date(s) - Sat. Jun. 24, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Welcome all and Enjoy the  special evening with Jennifer Greer and Zion Rodman !!!

jenniferJennifer Greer is a self-taught, detail-obsessed singer/songwriter/pianist who has been singing since she was a little girl. Growing up in a suburb near New York City, poetry was her first love and artistic medium. She wrote steadily throughout high school and college, had several poems published, and won the National Collegiate Poetry Award her senior year at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She imagined a life in language and publications.

Shortly after graduating college, a strange thing happened; she began to stop hearing words and instead began to hear melodies. She had played piano for a year or so as a little girl, so there was some sense of a thread, however tiny.

For 2 years Jennifer wrote instrumental piano music of an impressionistic kind. Then, having always sang, began to write songs, and her songwriting career was launched, and Jennifer never looked back. She started taking her new songs to performing venues in New York City and upstate N.Y. That first year she won the open mic award at the legendary Towne Crier Café, and played with fellow singer/songwriters Anne Heaton, Edie Carey, Mieka Pauly, Meg Hutchinson, and others.

Needing a change from New York to a place more rural and natural, Jennifer moved to Northampton, MA in 2000, formed a trio, and began performing locally and throughout New England. There she won the WRSI singer/songwriter competition. In 2005 she moved to Cambridge, MA where she has been living and performing for the past 10 years. In 2007 she co-ran a music series at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, called the Indie Music Collective.

Jennifer’s distinctive voice—which soars from earthy and sensual to sweetly lush— was showcased in her 2nd album “the Apiary,” which critics called stunning. “The Apiary” won Best Adult Alternative CD 2005 from the Muse’s Muse and Best unsigned pop artist from Verbicide Magazine in 2008.

Jennifer released her third album, “Fistful of Stars” in February 2010. A sweeping collective of 14 songs, the album showcases Jennifer’s writing at her highest level—songs that are utterly unique and move the heart and mind passionately.

Hey Tide”–finished in 2014 and released in 2015 was written in the aftermath of losing her partner and musical collaborator of nearly 5 years. The breakup was traumatic and knocked her into near total despair, through which she wrote her way out through song. In it she explores every side of grief: the searing pain, the anger, the acceptance, the fragile newness of hope. As she wrote the album, she began to see that a common thread held the songs together—the image of moon and tide, who were often her guide.

More than anything, although the album is about heartbreak, despair, and then recovery and the emergence of hope: it is about the power of music, and the power of art to have transformational power. Art has had this healing power since the beginning of time.

Only after writing “Hey Tide” did I understand that power with such completeness, and that the gift I had to bring to others was universal. I had to dig more deeply than ever before as an artist, and dearly want to share this gift of song with you, just as the songs were a gift to me.”

Jennifer’s songs run from aggressive to impressionistic. She seeks to push the boundaries of pop, by blending jazz, funk and classical. Her songs tend to be about outer rather than inner subjects, such as stories in the news, characters from books, as well as intimate personal experience. Getting bored with herself easily, she pushes herself and her band to be exciting and refreshing. As a performer, she exudes passion and joy that are tangible, shameless, and direct.

Jennifer says:  “Ultimately, every song, no matter what the subject is about, and it is often not about me, is a process of searching for my humanity. By doing so, I seek to illuminate the humanity of others. I feel that is my job—to be a mirror for other people to think and reflect and feel joy and have understanding over what is in their own lives and imagination.”

More information :  www.jennifergreer.com

zion rodman

Zion Rodman is a versatile musician who spends his free time singing and playing the guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Both as a folk acoustic act and as the lead in his full band, Zion’s soulful voice, memorable lyrics, and thoughtful compositions captivate any audience.

Zion grew up in Cape Cod and has been in the Boston music scene for the past five years, and has been hosting an Apartment Show series to showcase and support fellow local artists since the summer of 2016. Most recently, an interview with Zion was featured on June’s cover of The Noise magazine, where it’s described that his “beautiful voice and high-caliber catalog are charming, inspirational and majestic.” 

His first album, You’re Invited, debuted on June 3rd, 2017. The album release will kick off his summer East Coast tour, starting at the historic Caffè Lena, opening for Ellis Paul (6/4). 

More information:  www.zionrodmanmusic.com

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