Help Us Soundproof the Hall

Let’s Stop the Sound Leak

Help the Armory raise $70,000 to soundproof the Performance Hall and bring even more great arts events to Somerville. 

Help Us Stop the Sound Leak

Since the Armory opened in 2009, sound leaking from performances to the residential neighborhood around us has been an ongoing concern. In one of the most densely populated cities in the US, neighbors are close and noise travels easily.  

To reduce the impact on our neighbors, we have instituted strict interior volume limits for all of our performances. But this has had a corresponding negative impact on the range of events we can host. We will never be a loud venue, but some of the events we’ve had to turn away should be able to perform here: an Air Force touring band, a university percussive dance group similar to “Stomp”, like multiple Berklee-related bands, a Japanese drumming group, and more. We would to have these of perfomances — and many others — in our space, but we need your help to make that happen.

Along with providing the opportunity for more events, soundproofing would allow us to continue running the armory’s existing programs. We can continue to serve local youth through our Youth Arts Arise afterschool and summer program, local artists through providing low-cost rehearsal and performances spaces, and all residents of Somerville hosting free and low-cost events.

In addition, soundproofing would affect our zoning, which in turn means that we could increase our hours. We could also potentially add a patio, creating potential for new events and presenting new options for where existing events and programs could take place.

The Plan

This project will improve soundproofing by working on the windows in the Performance Hall.  The thick brick walls are great for blocking sound, but the windows were identified as the main source of sound leak in a 2010 analysis.  

How to fix that?  Adding storm windows!  The existing windows are set on the inside of the brick walls, so adding exterior windows creates about a foot of dead air space – estimated to cut sound transmission in half.  



Donate Now!

It will cost $70,000 to treat the 22 half-moon windows that ring the Performance Hall.  We have already raised $ 10,000 and received MCC CFF Grant for $28,000. We need just $32,000 to make the project happen.  

→ Help soundproof the Somerville Armory’s Performance Hall, allowing a wider variety of arts events while improving quality of life for the local community. To make a donation to this cause, click here.