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Tech Migration 10/14/2018

Today’s the day!  We’re migrating our email and shared file storage to a new back-end service.  Fingers crossed, everything will go smoothly and the rest of the world won’t even notice.  But if you get an odd bounce message, or otherwise think your message to us might not have gotten through, please try resending later tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks – and sorry for the inconvenience!

Did you know?

Arts at the Armory is a non-profit community arts and cultural center.  We are an independent 501(c)3 organization.  We are one of 13 tenants within the Somerville Armory building, and run a packed schedule of 750+ events per year — of all types and sizes — in partnership with countless local artists, performers, and organizations.  We are excited to be a part of the rich and vibrant artistic community in Somerville!

The Farmers Market is done for the season!

Thanks to all of the farmers, vendors, musicians, customers, sponsors and everyone who helped make 2017-2018 a great season!

The market will be back again at the Armory next winter, likely starting up again the first Saturday of December.  In the meantime, you can catch many of the farmers at the Union Square (Saturday) markets or Davis Square (Wednesday) markets, starting in mid-May.

Snow update March 13-14, 2018

Update: 3/13, 10:20 PM

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the building and Cafe will open late one hour (at 9 AM).  We expect most if not all events to run as scheduled; we’ll post here as we get updates either way from event organizers.

As of now, the lot is still buried in snow.  We’re hoping the plow will make a pass overnight, but no confirmation yet.



The SCES / GBFB Brown Bag program is *cancelled* due to the snowstorm. Zumba is also cancelled today.

Parkour classes tonight *are* still scheduled…  Safety first, but if you can safely make it, the instructors will be here!

The Cafe is open today 11 am – 6 pm.

Our parking lot has not been plowed, and based on past experience, is unlikely to be cleared before the storm ends.

Stay warm and safe!

Snow Update 3/7/18

Update as of 1 pm:

– Maria’s classes are cancelled
– No news yet on Zumba this evening
– Youth Arts Arise, Farmers to You pick-up, and Wiretap Wednesday are taking place.

Please use your judgment based on where you would be travelling from and your local conditions – safety first!  Travel may be very iffy not far from here, but if you’re local and can make it safely, we’d love to see you.