Our Team

The Center for Arts at the Armory is responsible for managing all the arts, community and cultural performances, activities and programs held in the Armory Performance Hall and Café.

Lea Ruscio, Executive Director

Booking Team (for cafe rentals)

Gregorian Hawke, Events Team (all other events)

Peter Jacobson (PJ), Education Programs

Chris Harrington, Technical Director

Jeff Kesler, Production Manager

Please note that Highland Armory Realty Trust owns the Armory and is responsible for complying with all of the City of Somerville’s safety and fire regulations to create a safe operating environment for all the Armory tenants. Highland Armory Realty Trust is dedicated to being a good neighbor and measures are taken to ensure that noise, security and other community concerns such as trash and parking are successfully addressed. For any questions regarding how the facility is managed, contact Alan Carrier at Highland Armory Realty Trust at somervillearmory@gmail.com